Purpose for Writing


I initially created this blog to write about the ministry I have been doing with college students, however, over the past few years, I have found myself writing more and more about the ways God reveals Himself to me throughout my own life journey. I want to allow people to enter in to what God is teaching me personally through my writing.

I believe that every person’s life is made up of a series of stories that unite together to create a larger narrative. Everyone’s story as a whole has meaning and significance, and all the little stories of one’s life can make a deep impact on another person at any point in history. Our stories intersect with each other’s along the way, and together are woven into God’s grand story of redemption. Great power lies in each and every story.

With this blog, I desire to encourage people through the series of stories that continue to make up my life, and the ways God is shaping me through them. I hope and pray this blog will uplift you in your day-to-day life. Thanks for reading my story- it’s all for His renown!


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