About Me


Hi! I’m Melissa. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, moved half way across the country to Cowtown Fort Worth, TX for college, lived in the beautiful country of Italy for two and a half years, and currently reside in Denver, Colorado. During my four years in college at TCU, I experienced true life change through encountering a God who has a transformational love for all people. As I started to grasp Christ’s deeper love and grace for myself, I began to long for others to experience Him too.

I worked full-time for Cru, a college ministry, for five years after school. Throughout my time in ministry, I encountered people all around the world from different languages, countries, and ethnicities. Meeting people from all different backgrounds, I have realized that people have more in common than not. Everyone has a desire to be loved, known, and accepted. I have seen a deep need to create a safe space for someone to process the most broken parts of their story. As people have the opportunity to bring their full, broken, self into unconditional relationships with others, great healing occurs. Seeing this need has led me to pursue a degree in counseling. I hope to love people well through entering into their story at the times in which they need it most. I am excited to see what will come next in this new chapter of my life!


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