To The Feet of Jesus

A few weeks ago, I went on a run to process through multiple difficult conversations I had throughout the week that left my mind churning with more thoughts than I had words for. The conversations contained similar elements about both the deep brokenness of the world and our own personal brokenness that we are all too familiar with.

Whether we are hurting due to personal choices we have made or from being marred by the ever-present darkness of a fallen world, we cling to Jesus. We run to Him, fall at His feet and allow Him to whisper His words of love to us. Our God, our Savior, longs to lavish His love and grace on us no matter where we have been. All we have to do is receive it!

As I was running, these words impressed upon my heart:

Let discovery of our brokenness lead us to Jesus, wetting His feet with our tears of desperation, soaking in His tender affection, lest our stubborn self-determination drive us back into the shadows of hiding; from ourselves, others and our awaiting Savior.

So wherever you are or wherever you’re going, He welcomes you with open arms. Resist the temptation to withdraw from Him, numb your pain or hide from others. Run into the light of Jesus and holdfast to Him. He desires you. He longs for your presence. And He wants to reveal to you His deep love in the midst of anything you may be walking through!


2 thoughts on “To The Feet of Jesus

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    Feel your thoughts for the brokenness of the world. When will we return to Him. May His angels protect you. Love Lunda

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