A Word on Music: Unique Worship to Move the Soul


I don’t know about you, but I love music! Music truly moves my soul. It propels me into worship nearly every time I hear it. Whether it’s the strum of a guitar, a beautiful singing voice, keys on the piano, or the incredible manner in which words are written to flow with a melody, it moves me.

I have recently discovered a new hobby of creating playlists on Spotify. I wanted to share one of my playlists with you, particularly if you are looking for more unique worship music. Some people have expressed to me in the past few months that while they enjoy popular and mainstream worship music, they desire something a little more off the beaten path. I have felt similar to that at times, so I decided to create an “Acoustic Christian” playlist. I have found some artists who have incredible talent, but fly much more under the radar. So if you are looking for music that will move you to worship, search for my “Acoustic Christian” playlist on Spotify!

Some artist and songs that have been ministering to me recently are:

– Audrey Assad:I Shall Not Want” and “You Speak”

– King’s Kaleidoscope: “Grace Alone”

– Dispatch: “How Deep the Father’s Love”

– All Sons and Daughters: “Christ Be All Around Me” 

– Leeland: “Refresh Me” and “Where You Are”

– Jenny and Tyler: “Abide” 

– Enter The Worship Circle: “Hold Me Near”, “You are Mine” and “No One Else”

– Judah and The Lion: “Torn Apart” and “Fill This House”

– The Endfield Hymn Sessions: “Jesus I My Cross Have Taken”

– Starfield: “Son of God” and “Cry in My Heart”

– Rend Collective Experiment: “Immeasurably More” and “My Lighthouse”

– Sojourn: “In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross”

– Young Oceans: “Come To Us O Lord”

– Eleowen: “Cripple Me” and “Save Me”

– New Life Worship: “Ascribe”


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