The Topic of Failure

I read this quote the other day in a book called, “Faith is Not a Feeling”, and found it to be so encouraging. It’s easy to get down on ourselves when we are struggling or failing to reach our own standards of where we think we should be in life. Without the challenges and difficulties in life, we can’t truly have a ministry. The book that I read talks about believing God and His promises apart from how we may ‘feel’. Now for a woman, that seems like it could be an impossible task. However, as we apply God’s Word to our lives continually, and strive to cling to the Truth found in the pages of Scripture instead of how we feel, we will experience true victory in our lives. Here is an encouraging quote by J.C. Metcalfe. Hope it lifts your heart like it did mine!

“Without a bitter experience of our own inadequacy and poverty [we] are quite unfitted to bear the spiritual ministry. It takes a man who has discovered something of the measure of his own weakness to be patient with the foibles of others. Such a man also has first hand knowledge of the loving care of the Chief Shepherd and His ability to heal one who has humble come to trust in Him and Him alone. 

Therefore, he does not easily despair of others, but looks beyond sinfulness, willfulness and stupidity, to the might of unchanging love.

The Lord Jesus does not give the charge, “Be a shepherd to my lambs… to my sheep on hearing Peter’s self-confident affirmation of undying loyalty, but He gives it after [Peter] has utterly failed to keep his vows and has wept bitterly in the streets of Jerusalem.” – J.C. Metcalfe


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