On a More Personal Note…

The conference was such a great place to connect with others from all over Italy and the world, but what God began to do in my own heart was life changing. When you are completely taken out of your comfort zone (i.e. to another country), I believe it gives God a whole new way in which He can access your heart.

During the conference, I began to realize a common theme that has been woven throughout the strands of my life. I have a deep desire to rely on what people think about me rather then what the Maker of the Universe thinks about me. Coming to the realization that this impacts my daily behavior was no easy task for this stubborn girl. It took a series of circumstances to strip me of the desire to trust what others think of me more then what God does. It is going to be a daily battle to believe that “the truest thing about me is what God says about me”, however the realization in itself is a good start. All this to say, it prompted me to begin writing something that I think could encourage any one on their walk with the Lord. I believe that most of it is directly from scripture and the heart of God:

God’s opinion is the only one that matters…

  • God thinks I am perfect in every way
  • God thinks I am beautiful
  • God loves my personality and who I am
  • God treasures my heart like no one else can
  • God looks at me with eyes of admiration
  • God created every part of me to His liking
  • God delights in me and rejoices over me
  • God loves me as His precious daughter
  • God has made me new and transformed me
  • God calms my anxious heart
  • God sees all that I am and still loves me deeply
  • God woos me with His steadfast love
  • God satisfies me in morning
  • God paints sunsets in the sky just for me
  • God cares about every hurt I experience and every excitement I feel
  • God longs for my whole heart to be His
  • God showers me with His grace and mercy
  • God lifts my drooping head and gives me strength

… I am all my Savior says I am

How I long to believe this every day!


2 thoughts on “On a More Personal Note…

  1. Danella Hitri

    And He will bring others into your life that will love you unconditionally as we’ll as humans can that reflect His love for you!

    Praying for you, your health and team dynamics. Prayer group is this week. Let me know how we can pray!

    Danella Hitri

    Sent from my iPhone


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